Thursday, September 14, 2006

Small Hello

Hello friends :-)

I have been SO busy, that I haven't had any time to write.


I'm still teaching Kip how to read and write basic. He is a fast learner, but he says it's because I'm such a great teacher. It has been a lot of fun being with him. We spend so much time together, not that we didn't before. But now it is different we cuddle and hold hands, it is so nice. I am so happy.

Well I want add links and stuff on here before I have to go. So I guess this will be all I write for now. Maybe next time I will have Kip write a little something.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I'm in Love

Hello friends :-)

I just want to say, I'm in love.

I'll start from the beginning.

Today was the first time I was allowed out of the house since I was sick. I had met up with Kip and we went to our special tree. He studied some words, but he was having a hard time concentrating and he seemed a bit nervous. So finally I asked him what was wrong.

He told me how he really feels about me. He said that when I was really sick and they thought I might not make it, he got really worried. He told me he couldn't imangine what it would be like with out me. He even confessed he cried a few times. He said that he has always had feelings for me. But the thought of losing me made him realize just how strong these feeling were.

He then picked me this pretty flower and placed it in my hood. This is an Ewok tradition. The male gives a female he cares for a trinket and it shows everyone else that she has been claimed. And nine out of ten, these couples stay together for life.

The rest of the day we spent talking and cuddling. It was so nice :-)

When I got home, I showed my Mother my flower. She was so happy that she danced around our hut. She told me she really likes Kip and she knew we would be together.

Now there is more I want to say. Actually it is more of a question for you outsiders.

After getting home and Mothers happy dance was over, I started to research what outsiders did for romance. And I found it rather disturbing.

It seems that the only thing outsiders care about is how good their partners are in bed. And it seem to be one of the first things you do after you claim each other. I just wonder if it is like that with all outsiders.

With in Ewok society, when we find someone we care for, we claim them. Just as Kip claimed me. They give each other a trinket to show they are together. Ours is a flower.

Most of the time a couple will start out as friends.

Then we date. When we go to parties or ceremonies we stick by our partners. It is wrong to dance with another female/male once you are claimed. Unless it is in a group.

When we first start dating we cuddle and hold hands. Then after awhile we kiss. then once we know we are ment to be, we mate. This normally happens after a ceremony you outsiders call a marriage.

This is how it works in the Ewoks society..... outsiders seem to skip a few step. Us Ewoks love our mates for who they are, not for how good they are in bed. And it is definitely one of the last things we care about when we meet.

I guess that just shows how different our lives are compared to outsiders.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I have bee tagged.

Hello friends :-)

I have been tagged by a white armored mon..... well now that I'm learning more about the outside planets, they don't seem like much of a monster. But they still do come into our forest, destroy our trees, eat our foods, and even been know to attack our villages. So yeah, to us they are not good no matter what I read.

Before I do this tag I'm going to tell everyone what I have been up too. Well I'm still pretty sick but I'm getting better now. Kip wanted to tell you how I was doing but he is still learning how to write. So if he did, you all may have had a hard time reading it. You see after I wrote last I got really bad. My head was really hot and I felt really dizzy. After three days of not being able to keep any food or water down, my Mother went and got our Medicine Men. He did some chants and danced around my bed. He then sprinkled some water stuff on me. And gave me a bag of medicine that he said will help with the fever and stop my dizzy spells.

And after taking the medicine in water for a few days I finally feel better. I'm still not allowed to leave my bed. But at least I have been able to help Kip with his studies now. And in a few more days I should be up again. I can't wait I miss being outside in the sun.

Well now lets get on with the tag.

1. Grab the nearest book.

2. Open the book to page 123.

3. Find the fifth sentence.

4. Post the text of it and the next 3 sentences on your blog along with these instructions.

6. Tag three people.

Nearest book would be the one I'm currently reading. Some outsider left it here. Not what I normally read but it is okay. It is called "Bag of Bones" from Stephen King.

"An shudder twisted through me at that. It was a strong on, as if someone were spinning a wire in my flesh. I didn't want her to notice it--- what a way to start a summer day, by revolting a guy so badly that he stood there shaking and grimacing in front of you----- so I raised my hand and waved. I tried to smile, as well."

As for a tag, I don't really know that many outsiders and the ones I do know have already done this. So I guess I'll end it.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm sick

Hello friends :-/

I feel so icky right now.

You see I have been sick for two whole days. I finally feel a tiny bit better and managed to get myself out of bed. But if my Mother or Kip seen me up they would yell at me. They told me to stay in bed no matter what. And if I need anything that they would go get it for me. Well they stepped out for a moment and I really felt like writing. So I went and got my hand held input devise that was on a table across the room. It felt good to be out of bed.... until the room started spinning. Luckily I was on my way back to bed when it did. It took a few minutes for it to stop once I was in bed. I still feel a little queasy but that's how I been feeling.

Kip my new friend has been hanging around here a lot. He made me hot soup that is so good. It is even better then my Mothers. He has also been helping with chores and stuff around here. My Mother tells him he don't have to, but he insists. He says that since I'm sick and unable to do anything, and with him being my best friend, it's the least he can do. I think my Mother likes him cause she is always saying how nice he is. I have to keep on reminding her we are only friends. But it has been really nice having him around.

I have to go, I think they are back.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Quick Post.

Hello friends :-)

Sorry I have been very busy with my new friend. He has caught on really quickly to the basic language. He can say simple words like Cat and Bat. And he is learning to write too. Maybe once he gets better I'll have him make a post on here.

I don't have a lot of time for a serious post so I took this quiz to find out what my ideal relationship is. I wanted to prove we are only friends, and it seems I have.

Your Ideal Relationship is Friends Only

Honestly, you're not really ready for a relationship right now.
And you prefer to keep things platonic, for now.
That's not to say that one of your friends could be dating material.
You're just taking a break for now.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

New friend.

Hello friends :-)

Sorry I haven't written lately, but I have been busy with a new comer.

He left his village in search of an adventure and maybe a new life. He showed up in ours about a week ago. He is a very nice male only a few years older then myself. All the single females want him to be them. My Mother said I should try and get his attention. At first I didn't want too because I'm not ready to settle down with a mate. But he found me in the woods, and wanted to know what I was doing. Well we got to talking and he seemed interested in the fact I know how to write and speak basic. He asked me to teach him, so I agreed. Now we are good friends.

We spend all the day light hours together. And I think all the females are jealous because of this. I keep on telling them we are only frinds and that I'm not intrested in him in that way. Plus he told me he too is not ready to settle down. He likes the adventureous life.

Here is a picture of us.

I hope you all understand if I don't write that much. I'll try and write when ever I have time. But I am busy with my new friend.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A heart to heart with my mother.

Hello friends :-)

Well, my Mother LOVED the present I made for her. She said she is never going to take it off. And I think she is starting to like the idea of me being really smart.

She had asked me how I learned to make such a beautiful necklace. I told her I learned from a book. At first she just laughed, so I showed her the book.

After that we had a really long talk. I told her how much I wanted to see other planets. But she is worried that if I leave something bad might happen to me. I told her not all outsiders are mean, most are friendly. She understands my dreams, she says I'm a lot like my father. He was full of adventure and wanted to experience new stuff. This is why she fell in love with him, but it was also this adventurous spirit that got him killed.

She knows she won't be able to stop me if I wanted to leave. She then started to cry. That made me sad, so I promised her wouldn't leave any time soon. But we did make an agreement. She is going to cut my chores, giving me more time to my studies. She wants to know what I do everyday, and she promises she will be understanding of it. I promised her I'll stay home, at least until she is ready to let go. I also have to make her more jewelry.

I really like the idea of being able to talk to her now. Before I was to afraid to tell her of my accomplishments. Now when I show her she is happy and or impressed. It is nice to have a Mother who cares, now.

Ohhhhh by the way. The party was really great. Or at least from what I can remember. Apparently I had a little to much to drink and passed out while dancing. And lets just say I wasn't feeling real good the following couple of day...... But it was still a lot of fun.